Launched in 2013 this event was originally designed to offer a safe and secure

event for those in the lifestyle. By 2016 it had evolved into an event that broadly

encompassed ALL adult communities and the LGBT groups. Moving towards 2020

this award winning adult only festival aims to offer an event where you can relax

and enjoy the entertainment provided, listen to live music and DJ’s, join in the fun competitions, or just simply fire up the Barbecue and get to know people.


The weekend offers something for everybody including demos and workshops, a themed evening to dress up if you wish and let your imagination run wild or perhaps sitting watching the sun go down in our stunning countryside location.

Our facilities offer the luxuries you need to enjoy the event, including luxurious

hot showers and toilets on  site. The management and staff teams are there to help and are easily identified. Each year our team grows to deliver the very best for guests.

The simple underlying principle of our success has been a foundation of

RESPECT. We welcome and nurture close bonds between ALL lifestyles and

sexual orientations.

In our united stance against bigots and bullies, it has been the commitment and support from all of our communities working TOGETHER that continues to nurture friendships and love across the divides.

As well as this “Generic” guide, we also provide a range of additional reference

material more specifically for in depth information not addressed here but we

felt it may be useful to cover a few questions we have been asked over the years,

anything NOT covered PLEASE email us at aurorafestival20@gmail.com


Basically this event is open to the Lifestyle community, LGBT and Fetish groups.

The question is easier to ask “Who is NOT invited.... those who are not accepting of

others” is the simple answer.


Lets get the BIG question addressed ! – NO, people have sex in a consenting way

at all festivals, in hotels, homes, cars and basically anywhere they choose......

THIS Festival is to provide a safe private event FOCUSED on the above groups.

We don’t provide any sexual services , we provide the event that guests want,

music, facilities, entertainment, comedy, food and  bars. ALL fully licenced and

approved by Environmental Health, the Local Council and supported by the local Constabulary.


We have built a great reputation amongst our guests to ensure you are entertained by our

comedian/compere to split your sides (not good if you're easily offended !) some

AMAZING bands.

Perhaps get stuck into Jelly wrestling, Toss the knob or tug of war ...... Be warned, the

main entertainment tent in the evenings when our bands are playing is THE most

hedonistic atmosphere that is beyond ‘electric’ and features countless times in

reviews not only from guests but also from the bands themselves as the

standout gig of the year.


As festival organisers, one of our key roles is to ensure the mix of guests is spot

on, not too many from any group, a good balance of couples, singles and

sexuality. This is achieved by our careful selection of ticket options as well as our

booking conditions to ensure the right balance...do we get it right.....just ask

somebody who has been before.


Each year we try and vary options to include an ever increasing variety so there

is something to suit everybody. We insist our vendors offer REAL VALUE pricing.  Only food brought in the arena can be consumed in the arena. You can bring your own to consume in the tented areas.


We will provide a hole in the ground and a bag full of water in a tree....but

SERIOUSLY.... The Aurora facilities are forever remembered. We provide

luxurious toilets and showers that, if used sensibly, offer all you need to make it

a wonderful event. However, please DON'T wash your dishes in the hand basins

as this water then fills up the waste tanks really quickly and then .... WE HAVE

TO CLOSE THEM. The same applies for not tipping other liquids down the loos

etc, simply use the toilets as ..... toilets..... and the hand washing basins to .....

wash your hands ! Likewise, the showers are hot and lovely...... until everybody

decides its great to have a 20 minutes shower three times a day....... we will let

you do the maths...... So, sensible use and luxury..... or its back to the hole in the

ground..... ;-)


The event team includes a professional security firm who has worked with us

since the beginning. Their job is to make YOU feel safe, and make sure the

outside world STAYS outside. ID checks, bag checks and constantly being around

will allow guests the peace of mind they deserve.

P.s. don’t feed the dog, it eats unwanted visitors !

So, this is just a small selection of the most popular questions, we are here to

help so just ask us if you want to know ANYTHING, most of its covered on the

booking conditions or the Q & A on the tickets page when you click the

link....but....IF IN DOUBT ....SHOUT.

Events Management Team xxx