Why is the lifestyle so popular?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

As more couples come forward and speak about the benefits of the lifestyle, the practice is seeing drastic drops within the public’s opinion that the lifestyle is a ‘deviant’ behavior. Progressive social attitudes has also caused an increased interest in the lifestyle along with lifestyle festivals like Aurora Festival, and here are some benefits of the lifestyle that makes it so popular.

Diversity Increases Desire and Commitment

It’s no secret that sex can become a bit stale and mundane between even playful and experimental couples in long-term relationships. Partner swapping sidesteps monotony and has a tendency to ramp up a couple’s sexual desires on a regular basis. It also promotes their complete commitment to their relationship. In fact, rates of divorce are purportedly lower within alternative lifestyles, and respondents reported greater levels of satisfaction in their personal and intimate relations.

Swinging Confirms Complete Confidence and Trust

Those who participate in the lifestyle without letting the ‘green-eyed monster surface, tend to have the most pleasurable experiences. It takes complete, unadulterated trust between partners to successfully embrace swinging. In other words, you can’t NOT trust each other and go there so alternate lifestyles can be supportive in building strong relationships. Every night when your partner comes home to you, your personal confidence soars and your partnership flourishes.

The Lifestyle is Simply Fashionable Fun

When it comes down to it, the lifestyle can add quite a bit of out-of-the-box enjoyment to your life. Getting out of your comfort zone with a trusted partner can be just the spice you need to take your relationship to the next level. What’s not to love about sharing love with others?

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