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Here is just a flavor of the feedback, reviews and endorsements from our previous festivals. All the reviews here have been taken from various lifestyle, LGBT sites.

Our first AURORA, and booked for next year too, ticks all the boxes for me. Davina Sparkle was hilarious and so non PC, just great fun. Loved the fetish stand, security were really on the ball. And perfect weather, didn't even have wellies in the car. Rain would not dampen this event for me. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming just what a swinger event should be.

Date: 12 August 2019

Second year to Swingfields/AURORA, both years have been outstanding so ticket already bought for 2020.

Camping not really my thing but the relaxed friendly nature of this festival more than makes up for the uncomfortable tent living and 4 am walks across the field to the toilet (or shower as was needed lol!)

Met so many friendly like minded people and have had great sexy fun every day of both years.

Long may this festival continue!

Date: 18 July 2019

This is the third Swingfields/AURORA I been too and definitely the best . So many gorgeous sexy and free and open people , where to start . For such a relatively new and small festival ( watch out this will no doubt grow and grow) the entertainment was simply amazing . The security was top notch and the organisers work incredible hard to make this a fantastic and fun event for us all and it was ohhhhhhhh - See you next year xxxxx 

Date: 10 July 2019

I have attended every Swingfields/AURORA since the very first at a little farm area with about 150 people.

Right from the creation they have provided the most fantastic atmosphere for everybody to have such a good time in.

I can not complement the organisers enough for their attention to detail and security. They really provide something special for people in the lifestyle.

The level of friendliness and atmosphere of the event, the attitude of the organisers and security was all top-notch. It was wonderful to catch up with friends and meet new ones and a fantastic time was had by all. I already have my tickets for next year and cannot wait.

Date: 9 July 2019

Where do you start ? Words just can't explain how totally amazing this event is/was!!

A true Lifestyle extravaganza that must be experienced.The AURORA crew, the security staff, the stalls the food vendors and entertainment were all top notch. OMG we had so much fun the whole weekend, dancing drinking and partying with old friends and new. Still smiling, better than just 1 night at a club - try a totally fantastic weekender!!

Till next year xxx

Date: 8 July 2019

What another great year at Swingfields/AURORA 2019. This is our 3rd year and its getting better every year. this is the biggest and best festival the UK has to offer the lifestyle. there is nothing not to like. The organisers have done great job and if it wasn't for them, where else could you go to have this much fun with like minded people. The food was great, we love a good burger and pizza. the big red bus was awesome as usual and the both the coffee and cocktail vendors were fantastic and obviously the sex toy and sexy clothing vendors. If you don't go you won't know how great it is. Hope to see you all again next year.

Date: 8 July 2019


Our 2nd visit to this spectacular festival dedicated to all of our lifestyles. It really was a blast from the minute we got there until we left. We left with sore mouths and ribs from laughing way to much with our super sexy friends old and new. You work so hard on putting on a fantastic weekend for us all, All the acts and shows we're amazing. Security was on point again this year which really does put ones mind at ease. The weather was fab also again. Again we all made some very memorable memories. Well done AURORA. We bought our tickets for next year last night too. Roll on AURORA 2020... It can only get bigger and BETTER, right? XXX

Date: 8 July 2019

Well I think our feet are finally touching the ground after returning home yesterday from out 1st visit to the 3 day AURORA festival.why in the past we have been too nervous to attend this absolutely amazing event I will never know.

Any 1st time people out there that are thinking shall we or shan't we,go for it. All of the organisers and staff who do an incredible job to set this up and run it still find the time to befriend everyone and ease anyone's nerves to the extent that i dont think Mrs T and myself have had such a relaxed, fun and entertaining weekend away for many many years. Even the security guys were true professionals at their job but also found the time to be social and chatty. Next year's tickets including the Glamping again will be purchased this evening as this will now be the absolute highlight of our yearly calendar hopefully for many years to come. Everyone that put this event together and made it work,you all deserve a medal.. many thanks N & T xxx 

Date: 8 July 2019

We don’t often give club reviews, since it’s usually the people not the place that makes a club night special...


We feel compelled though to highlight this event and how much fun. This year we finally experienced our first Swingfields/AURORA festival and have to say we had a blast, and met some awesome, enlightened and most importantly FUN people. To the naysayers, we have this message, the lifestyle is about people, not places and certainly not about publicity and papers. The security is excellent, the seclusion of this location may have been worrying to find in a camper....but once on site it was stunning, watching the sun set over the Malvern’s, with friends and a drink cannot be valued.

We want to thank everyone we met......especially the organisers, you guys don’t get the credit you deserve......Cheers XXX

Date: 7 July 2019

Back from our first visit and have wondered why we've never been before, it was fantastic. A brilliant mix of superb entertainment in the main arena, the bands were great and Miss Davina Sparkle was an absolute riot, a fantastic performer. The vendors were great with a good selection and the stalls again were superb with very interesting demos. And as for the security, they were top notch, they made sure that our privacy was well protected while still having a laugh and a giggle with you. Made everyone feel at ease. And all that as well as the naughty play that went on and there was plenty. An amazing 3 nights, so much so we have already booked for 2020 xxx

Date: 7 July 2019

Just got home from Swingfields/AURORA 2019 and WOW !! What a fantastic time we had . It is THE most friendly swingers event we have ever attended añd will definitely be going again next year

Everything was brilliant , starting with security , they were unobtrusive yet extremely effective, we didn't meet one single person there who walked by without saying "hi" the arena was perfect with food vendors and the big red bus bar working constantly to keep everyone happy .

Then we come to the entertainment and boy was it good , Davina Sparkles (drag queen) made us laugh so much that our cheeks actually hurt

And the live bands were of such quality that I would pay good money to watch them anywhere.

And to top it all off , the fun we had after dark was mind blowing

Thank you to all involved and we already can't wait for next year

S & R Xxx

Date: 7 July 2019

This was our fourth Swingfields/AURORA festival that we had the utmost pleasure of attending. We were also very privileged to be involved with the set up of the festival 3 days before the event started, and to work with the Swingfields/AURORA team.

This years festival look place in a private field with a stunning, beautiful backdrop that other festivals would envy.

A new, welcomed addition to this years festival was screened fencing for the main arena to protect peoples privacy. Within the arena it self was the main marquee that played host to different live bands each night along with festival compare and host Davina Sparkles, and burlesque dancer Kitty Bliss.

Yet again, Gloucestershire's finest, and ever so flamboyantly lovely festival regular Richard, and his team, provided a variety of budget friendly food options. The fabulously, star shaped DJ tent, played host to DJ Nippa and fellow DJ's that provided a mix of up front dance tunes as well as classic Ibiza beats for all to enjoy. Another new feature to the festival was the silent disco that proved to be popular and amazing fun.

Three play tents were dressed and kitted out by ourselves and friends Eureka Parties, that proved to be popular over the three nights with many enjoying themselves.

Intimate Torment provided a varied selection of fetish demonstrations that festival goers could participate in.

The sellers section, where a range of clothing, adult toys and promotions were available to buy, came courtesy of The Pantie Purse, Crown Jewels, Eureka Parties and Love Swingers. Additional food vendors, also provided further food options for all to enjoy.

Three covered hot tubs were also available to for all to enjoy, welcomed, especially as the glorious sunshine and heat that took its toll.

The big red bus yet again provided drink options, that all enjoyed.

The fun, relaxed vibe this festival created certainly rubbed off on all festival goers as everyone was friendly, sociable, non judgmental and welcoming, along with so many smiling faces.

As mentioned in previous reviews the security was robust, yet effective and added a sense to all attending that we were being well and truly, looked after, thank you guys for a monumental job, well done.

This was thee, Sunrise, event of the year and the dawn of what, will become thee lifestylers festival to attend.

Thank you, Swingfields for proving all the nay sayers wrong and giving us a festival we can all be proud of.

Also thank you for letting us be a part of this amazing event, we feel very humbled and privileged.

Roll on next summer as this festival can only get better, because if you build it, they will come xxx


Date: 6 July 2018

Well well well need I say anymore my 4th year at Swingfields/AURORA and the sunrise event was just fab, the organisers I believe work so hard though out the year to make these 3 days special for us naughty people and hats of to them this year was just brilliant!! and I would say intimate. The play tents in the main area was brill the food vendors was also brill and how can I forget the bar who weren’t swingers but welcome us in like family and didn’t stick there nosiest up at us lol so 10/10

For that !! Also the weather was on our side so to see so many naked people in the flesh, Blackrocket was having a field day then finally on the Saturday after all the games where done to have such a really good turn out for my bbq showed me that a lot of people was on such a brilliant vibe as there people there i there I didn’t even know lol I just soaked the whole atmosphere in so all in all I hope we can all do it again next year keep the good work up guys

Blackrocket xxx

Date: 3 July 2018

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